Aloe Oatbath Medicated Shampoo - Dry skin can lead to itching and irritation… a truly uncomfortable pup! Our therapeutic shampoo, loaded with Oat Protein and Aloe, restores skin’s natural balance while it cleans and soothes...problem solved!
Berry Delight Shampoo - Don’t be fooled by our shampoo’s name. Our Berry Delight Shampoo is serious cleaning! It provides a deep down clean, removes coat build up, and creates a radiant shine for your pet. The fragrance is an added bonus!
Citrusil Plus Shampoo - A dog that is smelly, dirty and has a bug bite problem…. fear not- we have the perfect solution. Aloe Citrusil Plus Shampoo with Citrus Oils and Aloe degreases and deodorizes while solving insect related skin problems. We’ve added vitamins to give great body and shine! See…that was was easy!!
Cucumber Melon Shampoo - Professional grooming salons asked us for an all-purpose, deep cleaning shampoo with a light, clean scent. Our solution: Cucumber Melon shampoo. It naturally cleans & leaves a wonderful scent.
Dark Coat Shampoo - Does your pet have a dull, lackluster coat or insects that are creating skin problems? We have the answer for both. Natural Eucalyptus and Cedarwood bring life back to the dullest coats. Citronella Oil helps with insect-related skin irritation. Beauty and comfort! May also be heated to use as a hot oil treatment.
Flea & Tick Shampoo - Flea & Tick Shampoo kills fleas and ticks on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens! Cleans and conditions the coat and leaves the pet smelling fresh and clean!
Hypo-Allergenic Coconut Shampoo - Sensitive skin isn’t just a people problem. Pets have it too. Our tearless solution for pets with super sensitive skin is a shampoo chock full of Aloe, Coconut, and Vitamins A, D, and E. It naturally cleans and conditions without the worry of harsh ingredients. Now you can both sleep easier!
Luxury Tar & Sulfa Itch Relief Shampoo - A shampoo that’s gentle on your pup’s irritated skin but strong enough to impede fungal growth? Absolutely! Our Therapeutic Remedy Shampoo with Coal Tar and Bio Sulfur effectively cleans and soothes minor skin irritations while essential vitamins promote skin repair. This tried and true remedy works like a charm leaving a faint smell of cherries behind.
Milk & Honey Shampoo - Does your pet’s coat need some TLC. Our solution is a luxurious, old-fashioned conditioning milk bath. Filled with natural milk proteins, pure bee’s honey, and vitamins, our shampoo promotes a soft, silky and extra shiny coat. Now aren’t you a beauty!
Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo - Our pets rely on us to keep them clean and healthy. That includes managing the way they smell. Our solution for eliminating odors is simple and effective. Baking Soda. Should we say sniff, in no time flat.
Peppermint Shampoo - Just like older people, aging pets can have sore muscles, achy joints and skin impurities. Our solution is an invigorating peppermint shampoo that relieves soreness, reduces inflammation, opens pores, and invigorates the senses. It’s the next best thing to the fountain of youth!
Perfect Calm Lavender Shampoo - Some pets are naturally high strung. Others occasionally get stressed out. Our Perfect Calm shampoo has wonderful aromatherapy qualities that soothe and calm both conditions.
Plum Perfect Cream Rinse - A super soft coat that looks amazing and smells like a dream? You got it! Our Plum Perfect Cream Rinse provides optimal body and shine, easy brushing, and an unbelievable fragrance. It’s a wonderful coat whitener too. With Aloe, Jojoba, and Coconut. Just Perfect!
Plum Perfect Shampoo - Wouldn’t it be nice to have the sweetest smelling, best looking pup at the park? Our Plum Perfect Shampoo is, well…perfect. It provides a deep down clean, optimal body and shine, and an unbelievable fragrance. It’s a wonderful coat whitener too. With Aloe, Jojoba, and Coconut.
Puppy Shampoo - You can’t use any ole pet shampoo on puppies . Their skin is just too sensitive. Our solution is a hypoallergenic, tear free shampoo specially formulated to gently cleanse with Aloe and Jojoba. It’s perfect for nursing and expectant mommies too.
Shampoo & Conditioner in 1 - Why spend time and money on multiple grooming products? We have one bottle that does it all! The combination of Coconut, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba cleans, conditions and shines in one easy step!
Simple Shed Shampoo - Has pet hair taken over the house? It seems like it’s everywhere but where it belongs! The solution: our natural Oat Protein and Aloe shampoo. It’s specially formulated to release loose hair and undercoat while it cleans and conditions. Frequent use will reduce both seasonal and non-seasonal shedding.
Simple Shed Treatment - Is pet hair completely out of control? The solution: our natural shed treatment. It’s specially formulated to decrease seasonal and non-seasonal shedding by releasing loose hair and undercoat. A hair free sofa can be a reality!
Strawberry Lemon Shampoo - the natural nutrients of Aloe Vera, Pathenol, Jojoba and Vitamins A, D & E work to remove dirt and oil accumulation with a Strawberry Lemonade fragrance!
Tea Tree & Aloe Conditioner - Our Tea Tree & Aloe Conditioner is perfect for soothing irritated skin and itching. For additional healing benefits, we suggest Tea Tree and Aloe Healing Shampoo. It naturally fights fungus and bacteria, promotes healing, and improves hair growth. Ahhh, that feels better.
Tea Tree & Aloe Shampoo - There’s nothing worse than watching your pet struggle with itchy, irritated skin, including flea bite dermatitis, fungus, bacteria, hot spots, razor burns and dry skin disorders. They can’t sleep, and neither can you. Our Tea Tree and Aloe Healing Shampoo is preferred by veterinarians to soothe seriously irritated skin. Use with Tea Tree & Aloe Conditioner for added results. It even promotes hair growth. Ahhh, that feels better.
Texturizing Shampoo - Want to maintain your wiry coat breed? Espree formulated Texturizing Shampoo to thoroughly clean while adding, wiry texure and body to desired breeds. Brightens and enhances coat coloration to provide perfection to any Terrier breed.